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Holistic Chiropractor

Woodland Hills and Topanga California

Holistic Chiropractic Woodland Hills CADr. Pamela Stalzer, chiropractor and homeopath, brings a truly unique and effective blend of holistic therapies to Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Dr. Stalzer uses whole-food nutritional therapy (not synthetic vitamins), homeopathy and neuro-emotional technique to build the body’s natural healing power and release emotional blockages to health.

We invite you to benefit from gentle chiropractic, applied kinesiology and Dr. Stalzer’s twenty years of experience to help you reach new levels of health, happiness and well being.

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Helping people reach their health potential by removing blockages in the nervous system, and through feeding the body the specific nutrients it needs to heal and remain healthy is our mission.

For over twenty years Dr. Stalzer has dedicated her life and practice to gentle chiropractic, whole-food nutrition, homeopathy and neuro-emotional technique. She is thrilled for the opportunity to share her unique approach in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.