Dr. Pam Stalzer


Dr. Pamela Stalzer, chiropractor and homeopath, brings a truly unique and effective blend of holistic therapies to Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Dr. Stalzer uses whole-food nutritional therapy (not synthetic vitamins), homeopathy and neuro-emotional technique to build the body’s natural healing power and release emotional blockages to health. We invite you to benefit from gentle chiropractic, applied kinesiology and Dr. Stalzer’s twenty years of experience to help you reach new levels of health, happiness and well being.


Holistic means looking at the whole person; not just where in the body a condition appears to manifest. This includes the mental/emotional/spiritual, structural and biochemical states-of-being. Any imbalance in one area can easily affect the others.


We start with a thorough history of past health issues, your current wellness and your health goals. This provides a good beginning as we perform a variety of holistic health evaluations, considerations, reflection and study. Only after this phase is complete will Dr. Stalzer know where to begin restoring and building your health.

On a follow-up visit, once we’ve mutually agreed that your health goals and Dr. Stalzer’s expertise are a good match, Dr. Stalzer will proceed to lay out an individualized program designed for your unique needs. It is at this point that you will start to learn strategies leading to a life of complete abundance. Instead of overwhelming you with a long list of things to change, Dr. Stalzer will take time and get you comfortable with one concept before moving on to another. In this way, the new choices you make will become easier and everlasting.


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